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Michael Baum


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6108 Indian Mound Dr
McFarland, WI 53558


608-575-2077 (mobile)



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Mike Baum’s career spans almost 40 years in a variety of senior management positions growing and diversifying both public and private companies. A veteran in both the quantitative and the creative sides of direct marketing, Baum has extensive experience with online marketing, rebranding, capital formation, and growth planning. He is also a published writer, and experienced presenter, facilitator, and public speaker.

Mike's particular specialties include selling and marketing to schools, especially marketing to K-12 schools, educational product development and branding, direct and online marketing of educational products to schools; franchising, franchise development, and developing dealerships and other forms of indirect distribution; branding, rebranding, and positioning of new and existing products; and strategic planning, execution, and founder mentoring for small growing companies.


First and foremost, I'm a marketing strategist and communicator.  I start with the vital question "what are we selling here?"  Then we craft a message or messages that position the product or service to communicate to the target customer or customers how the benefits meet their needs.  My end deliverable can range from informal ongoing coaching to development of complex marketing documents like white papers or website content and structure.

Areas of particular expertise include direct marketing, K-12 school marketing, advertising, trademarks and corporate identity, franchising, software product development.  Having always worked for owners and founders, I'm also experienced with mentoring entrepreneurs in taking their growing companies to the next level.

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I've held senior management and marketing positions for over 20 years - as CEO, COO/president, senior VP, etc.  I've run both private and public companies, led a highly successful IPO (Renaissance Learning, 1997 - Nasdaq:RLRN) , and have been involved in private financings as well.   Other top management positions include COO of a dot-com retailer (Guild/Artful Home) and general management of a leading international franchise consulting firm. 

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