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With a calm, level-headed approach, keen listening, insightful questioning, and a passion for individual and organizational belonging and thriving, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, Certified Coach, Trainer and Professional Speaker Deborah Biddle has influenced individuals and teams to successfully rethink and redo the ways they engage with people and make decisions to improve their imprint and impact where they live and do business. To achieve real change, Deborah meets you where you are to customize and align her solutions-based approach with your organization’s strategy.

Deborah runs the consulting, coaching, training, and speaking firm, High Performance Development Solutions LLC.  She works with organizations who want to leverage the power of change to heighten development and performance for their people.

As a diversity and inclusion consultant, trainer and speaker, Deborah designs and delivers thought-provoking and challenging experiences that help people think better, do better and be better at what matters most.

As a coach, Deborah delivers insightful, focused guidance to help her clients zero in on their goals and move toward achieving results. She thrives working with individuals and teams who know they need dedicated attention and accountability and are willing to do the work to improve their performance.  With a Master's Degree in Business Administration and more than 25 years of corporate, consulting, non-profit and small business experience in the technology, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and education industries, Deborah will work with you to ensure you are equipped to meet your coaching goals.

Deborah’s clients include the City of Madison, Wisconsin School of Business at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Access Community Health Centers, Madison College, University of Wisconsin-Madison Continuing Studies, Wisconsin Institute of Certified Public Accountants (WICPA), the University of Illinois, Wisconsin Library Association, Spacesaver, Wisconsin Small Business Development Center, YWCA Madison, Wisconsin Credit Union League, and other state and regional associations.


Deborah leverages multiple experiences to provide custom Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) strategies and solutions based in her knowledge and understanding of how gender, race, ethnicity, generation and culture impact individual and team performance. Taking into account your past achievements and focusing on your current and future goals, her process starts with defining your vision of success, so we can move to developing your unique strategy for development. Deborah's training combined with D&I coaching ensures employees at all levels understand how D&I factors into their work, decision making, problem solving, business opportunities and business growth.

Whether executive or career coaching, working with Deborah will produce long-lasting results that heighten your awareness, improve performance, increase job satisfaction, strengthen leadership effectiveness and better working relationships with direct reports as well as immediate supervisors, peers, and clients.

Deborah creates impactful keynotes, one and two-hour break-out training sessions, half-day and full-day training seminars designed to meet your specific needs customized for your unique audience.

In today's ever-changing business environment, many organizations seek ways to take time to inspire and encourage to their employees toward greater effectiveness. That's where Deborah comes in. She has expertise in service, manufacturing and non-profit industries to offer helpful insight and tips that will inspire employees to take action toward greater efficiency, teamwork and purpose.  Deborah's work with your team will serve as a catalyst for change by presenting new and objective ideas that spark momentum.

Below are examples of the training speaking topics Deborah presents in conferences, meetings and seminars.

Diversity and Inclusion
• Defeating Unconscious Bias
• Cultural Alignment & Engaging Your Diverse Team
• For Women Only: Internalized Sexism
• Age, Relevance & Workplace Effectiveness
• Inclusive Leadership: Unconscious Bias, Trust and Decision-Making
• Exploring and Addressing Generational and Cultural Biases in the Workplace
• Improve Work Relationships & Company Culture by Conquering Hidden Bias
• Diversity Strategies for Small Business Leaders
• Why Race and Culture Matters In The Workplace
• Overcoming Race and Achieving True Team

Leadership Development
• Lead With Emotional Intelligence
• Visionary Leadership
• The People Side of Leadership
• Intentional Leadership

Career Transition
• Effective Job Search Strategies
• Research Practices to Enhance Your Job Search
• Preparation: The Key to Interviewing Well

Background Information

Deborah Biddle, business and organizational consultant, certified coach, trainer, compelling speaker, has expertise in diversity and inclusion, leadership, management/supervisory development, appreciative inquiry, emotional intelligence, gender and generational difference and personal effectiveness.  She has a proven track record in consulting and developing managers and executives in small businesses, universities, non-profits, and corporations.

• National Speakers Association Member
• MBTI® Certified Practitioner (The Myers & Briggs Foundation)
• Racial Justice Course (Madison YWCA)
• Gender Based Analysis+ Certification (Status of Women Canada)
• Nurtured Heart Approach® Certified Trainer (Children's Success Foundation)
• Certified Talent Management Consultant (Career Partners International)
• Certified New Horizons/Life Options (Career Partners International)
• Interactive Style Self-Profile Mini Certification (PPS International Limited)
• Online Faculty Certification Course (Edgewood College)
• Activity Based Costing Certificate (Kellogg Graduate School of Management)
• Master of Business Administration (DeVry University, Keller Graduate School of Management)
• Bachelor of Arts, Finance (University of Illinois)

Deborah is an accomplished vocalist, movie lover and enjoys painting, jewelry making and greeting card design.  She resides in Verona, WI and is a devoted wife to Lloyd and mother of two collegiate scholars, Jason and Jared.

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