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Accounting & Finance

Consultants for accounting systems, financial management and reporting, financial analysis, tax advice and preparation, investments, insurance, etc.
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Business Support Services

Consultants for productivity, purchasing, product development, unemployment insurance, energy, research, executive-for-hire, etc.
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Coaching & Personal Development

Consultants for executive coaching, communication, interpersonal skills, negotiation, career building, personal organization, etc.
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Engineering & Manufacturing Support

Consultants for engineering, design, workflow, process improvement, quality control, etc.
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Human Resources

Consultants for recruitment, compensation and benefit plans, organizational effectiveness, compliance, policy development, etc.
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Information Management

Consultants for information systems, programming, website development, telecommunications, security, systems analysis, training, etc.
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Law & Regulatory Compliance

Consultants for business law, regulatory compliance, regulatory research, intellectual property law, etc.
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Marketing & Sales

Consultants for marketing planning, marketing research, public relations, sales training, etc.
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Organizational Development & Planning

Consultants for startup and growing companies, business planning, financing, change management, strategic planning, board and executive management retreats, topical seminars, etc.
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Consultants who provide training in their area of expertise.
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Consultants for internal communications, planning and implementing communication programs, editing, graphic design, brochures, newsletters, desktop publishing, etc.
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Specialized Consultants

Consultants who are industry specific.
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