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Benefits of Membership in MABC, Inc.

MABC benefits members by providing opportunities to:

  • Meet other business consultants who share similar goals and challenges
  • Become a resource for other MABC members; share expertise and lessons learned
  • Collaborate with other members for mutual personal and professional development
  • Attend and participate in MABC programs that provide opportunities for personal and business development and growth
  • Expand your network of experts and gain recognition as an expert in your field
  • Increase your visibility through the MABC website and your business through high-quality member referrals

Our Vision Statement


  • Helps consultants enhance their skills through high-quality programs, enabling them to offer cutting-edge, innovative services to clients
  • Is a collegial, sustainable, financially sound organization
  • Is known as a high-quality resource for business consultants
  • Proactively attracts new members and retains 80 percent of existing/current members
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