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Madison Area Business Consultants, Inc. is a professional association of business consultants located in and around Madison, Wisconsin.

Our members specialize in providing an objective point of view to help you and your organization spot and analyze problems you might not be able to see or recognize.

We can help you reduce inefficiencies, pinpoint solutions, increase revenue, improve overall performance, and facilitate the change necessary to achieve your goals. Our consultants serve the diverse needs of local, regional, and national clients.

Founded in 1987, the association provides to members opportunities for education, networking, and collaboration to aid in providing high-quality consulting services to clients.

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Enter a word or short phrase that describes the service you are seeking. Results will show consultants who match your request. Tap the name for information about their services.


We welcome business consultants to join us as we learn how to enhance our skills, improve our services, expand our reach, and operate more efficiently. Click here for a helpful overview of MABC. 

What if you could pick the brains of 30 consultants?

In 2021, Members of MABC created an in-depth compilation of tips, tools and best practices to help other business owners succeed; We Wish We Had Known. This book’s mission is to offer step-one tips to improve your work on those other essential tasks. Each chapter stands alone as it is written directly by the author, using their voice, their industry jargon, and their style.

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