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MABC 2024 Board of Director Elections

Voting to approve the Slate of Candidates will take place via Zoom by Member Show of Hands

We have an exciting group of professionals showing strong interest in helping to lead MABC into the future.

Here is our 2024 slate of candidates for MABC Board of Directors:

Heather Dean (Term ends December 2025)

Heather Dean, M.Ed. National Board Professional Teacher. I am an educational consultant that mentors all types of teachers and leaders. We work together to improve their curriculum design, delivery, and desired outcomes for their students or clients. I focus on an approach that supports the creative thinking process. My clients go through a series of curriculum workshops to design high-quality learning experiences and to assess understanding in real time. Each series is differentiated to meet the specific needs of the leader or educator. Clients receive mentoring which includes curriculum and material design support, model/guest teaching, and implementation support. I have a B.A. in Studio Art/Art History from Denison University and a Master’s in Education from DePaul University. In 2005, I earned and currently hold my National Board Professional Teaching Certificate for Middle Childhood Generalists. I have delivered professional workshops around the country and have taught in-person for over twenty years in Chicago, Tampa, and Madison. I have served on multiple professional Boards to create and facilitate new systems, inspire grassroots participation, and solidify long-term change for success. I currently provide my consulting services and workshops in a virtual and in-person formats.

Mike Schuster (Term Ends December 2025)

Mike SchusterMost business owners spend countless hours marketing their business only to feel deflated when they barely get any results. Through 1:1 consulting and coaching services, Mike works side by side with them to fix their marketing so they can grow their business, serve more people and have fun while doing it.

Mike founded FiddleSmart Marketing because too many small businesses quit over frustrations related to the business part of being in business. With nearly 30 years of experience in marketing and business management, he’s out to level the playing field for family-owned businesses unable to hire a full-time marketing team. And help them overcome those frustrations.

He developed his customer-focused, data-driven approach to marketing and business from experiences working at Disney (while earning his Ducktorate Degree), The Franklin Mint, and one of the sewing industry’s most iconic retailers, Nancy’s Notions. He also has a MBA in marketing from Villanova University and a degree in public relations from Western Michigan University.

Mike enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, camping and playing around with photography. From, time to time, he also spends time on stage acting in community theatre productions. An avid swimmer and devoted dad, he lives in Sun Prairie with his wife, three kids and their dog.

Matthew Ziemke (Term Ends December 2024)

Matthew Ziemke is the founder of Strategic Sales Consulting. I help small to mid-sized business achieve profitable and sustainable revenue growth. As an executive with over 25+ years of experience in leading highly successful sales teams, I have executed the vision and strategies that built industry leading financial and insurance organizations. I am prepared to help your team reach new heights utilizing the proven principles of the Sales Xceleration platform. I partner with your company as an Outsourced VP of Sales to assist sales teams reach exceptional levels of performance, profit and increase revenue while building winning strategies to help you reach business objectives.

Ann Massie Nelson (Term Ends December 2024)

Ann Massie Nelson is co-founder of Life Messages Media, LLC, a boutique video production company. Her background as a writer and editor of more than 40 years has allowed her to hone interviewing skills that she brings to video interviews, allowing subjects to tell their stories in their authentic voices. She also edits and proofreads manuscripts for aspiring authors. Nelson has served as secretary for the MABC Board of Directors since January 2022.

2024 MABC Team Leaders: MABC Team Leader positions are not official Board Positions but are part of the new organizational structure adopted in 2019. Team Leaders work with general membership to generate and implement ideas using the “one job, one time” motto to engage more of the membership in actively supporting and volunteering for the organization in areas of interest.

Programming Team Leader Lee S. Johnsen

Lee S. Johnsen, CPTD, CPT, SPHR is founder and Principal of Partners in Development. He has a 30-year record of successfully guiding organizations toward increased productivity and solid work relationships resulting in substantial growth. He is a leader in human performance improvement, organizational development, and change management. Specializing in helping virtual and hybrid teams and their leaders navigate the challenges of working remotely. In 2019, he released the 2nd edition of his book, Literally Virtually: Making Virtual Teams Work.

Lee has held officer and management positions in Fortune 500 corporations as well as government agencies and has worked internationally to assist organizations in developing their team members. His expertise encompasses executive coaching, leadership and management development training, performance improvement consulting, and leadership of virtual teams. Lee has been a member of MABC since 2018.

Membership Team Leader Laura Paisley Beck

Laura Paisley Beck, is the owner of Wa’am Writes, LLC, a copywriting business. She writes powerful words to invite her client’s target audience to act. It’s like adding Pow! And Bang! To their bottom line. Usual intended results include: growing leads, generating larger sales, expanding audience, targeting ideal market, and increasing traffic and/or responses. And she plays well with designers and all creatives on a team too.

Marketing Team Leader Eric Townley 

Eric Townley is an experienced marketer with over 15 years of planning and executing worldwide advertising and marketing campaigns for some of the world's most renowned companies and products. From launching AAA video game titles with Electronic Arts, to modernizing iconic food brands at General Mills, to introducing world-altering tech products with Apple, his marketing career has taken him all across the US to work with some of the brightest and most influential minds in business.

His most current role is as Chief Marketing Officer for Flamingo Theory Marketing which is a local full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses throughout Dane County nail every aspect of their online marketing presence. As a Waunakee native, he takes great pride in bringing Fortune 500 marketing experience and techniques and distilling them into a company offering that elevates the digital acumen of the Madison-area business community.

Web Team Leader to be determined

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