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What if you could get expert advice from 30 experienced consultants to grow your business?

MABC members have a strong commitment to perfecting our craft through professional growth and supporting other professionals along the way. As a result, collectively we have written TWO BOOKS containing tips, tools and best practices to help other owners succeed. 

We Wish We Had Known was published in 2021 and We Wish We Had Known, Volume 2 launched November 2023.

Both books contain 30 chapters written by 30 different MABC members using their unique expertise written in their voice and style. 

And, we are thrilled to announce that both books after launching became Amazon best sellers in multiple categories!

Media Coverage

We Wish We Had Known was featured in InBusiness Magazine  - READ THE ARTICLE >>

We Wish We Had Known - Chapter/Author Listing

Your Interactive Adventure Story by Laura Paisley Beck
Accelerate Your Business with a Brand Book by Mary Jane Connor
A Business Plan: 50 Cups of Coffee by Mary Helen Conroy
Stop Telling, Start Teaching by Heather von Oesen Dean
Starting Over from the Middle by Nancy Depcik
Conflict Advantage by Val Edwards
Collaboration is the Key to Masterminding Success by Stuart B. Fields
When by Trey FischerMeet Employees and Clients Where They Are by Chris Flessert
Be Kind to Your Client and Yourself by Ellen Foley
Be Your True Self by Scott Forester
Create a Strategic Marketing Plan and Take Action by Carol Goedken
Constructive Joy: Indispensable Twin to Hard Work by Hollie H. Hollister
Discover Your Unique Selling Proposition by Tara Ingalls
The Deal is Never Done Until the Check Clears by Lee S. Johnsen
Three Ways to Improve Your DEI Efforts by Lisa Koenecke
Create Your Personal GPS by Nancy Kruschke
The Client is Not Always Right by William McCarthy, Ph.D.
Principles Matter: Honesty is the Best Policy by Diana Mahaffey
Be the Best Subject Matter Expert Ever by Dawn J. Mahoney
Use Authentic Voice to Engage Clients by Ann Massie Nelson
Staying on Course by Susan D. Oja
Embracing Imperfection by Frances Parker
Making Your To-Do List More Doable by Rachel Rasmussen
Hire for Your Weaknesses by Jenny Revels
Sales Prospecting for New Business by John Russell
The More, the Merrier, the Multiplier by Brooke Saucier
Putting Strategy into Action by Melanie Schmidt
Fiddle with What to Say Before Where to Play by Mike Schuster
How to Grow Your Business by Judy Whalen

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We Wish We Had Known, Volume 2 - Chapter/Author Listing

Know and Nurture Your Purpose – Amy Ackermann
Every Business Uses IP—Know What’s Yours and What Is Not – Jennifer L Amundsen (she/her)
Choose the Path of Passion Over the Route of Survival – Jazmynn Appleton
Upright and Unstoppable: How Posture Impacts Consultant Effectiveness! – Anne Asher, CPT
What Doesn’t Kill You Will Make You Stronger (Supposedly) – Aaron Bakken
Create a Compassionate Relationship with Work – Laura Beck
10 Consulting Essentials – Deborah Biddle, IICDP
Accelerate Your Business with a Brand Book – MaryJane Connor
How to Eat an Elephant: Become a Consultant Expert with a Book – Mary Helen Conroy (she/her)
Leading Creative Teams and …Broccoli? – Heather von Oesen Dean
Facilitating Learning with Finesse: Empowering Group Engagement – Stuart B. Fields
Outsourcing: The Secret Weapon for Multitasking Consultants – Trey Fischer
Beat Burnout with the 85% Rule – Ellen Foley
Advice to My Younger Self: Find Support and Go for It – Ken Halfmann
You’re Not “Just A”…You ARE a Business Owner and Leader – Hollie H. Hollister
Five Key Areas to Review When Performing a Branding Audit – Tara Ingalls
It’s Both What You Say AND How You Say It! – Lee S. Johnsen
From Bland to Grand: A Presenter’s Guide to Vibrant Slide Decks – Dawn J Mahoney CPTD
Straight from the Horse’s Mouth: The Power of Video Testimonials – Ann Massie Nelson & Ren Patterson
The Introvert’s Approach to Powerful Networking – Jamie Perez
The Cinderella of Website SEO – Candy Phelps
Mindful Marketing When You Have Limited Capacity – Rachel Rasmussen
The Transformative Power of Workflow Analysis – MJ Reiners
Stop Thinking So Hard! Leveraging the Power of Intuition to Make Decisions – Caroline Renee Geraci
Retain Your Best Team Decisions – Jennifer Revels
Advertising in a Digital World-Consistency, Repetition and Frequency – John Russell
Bigger’s a Wonderful Thing: Expanding Your Pipeline by Focusing on Mutually Beneficial Alliances – Brooke Saucier
Beyond Busy-ness As Usual – Melanie Schmidt
Are You Tracking the Metrics That Matter? Or Simply Reporting Numbers That Make You Feel Good – Michael Schuster
Overcoming Overwhelm to Serve Better, Think Better, Be Better! – Judy Whalen

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Photos from Book Launch & Signing Party held at Tingalls Graphic Design's office on November 30, 2023

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