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Judy Whalen


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(608) 692-9366
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15626 West Holt Road
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Center for Strategic Change, LLC
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Founder & CEO
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IOM - Institute of Organization Management
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(608) 692-9366
The Center for Strategic Change specializes in:

Guiding strategic change efforts by facilitating strategic thinking sessions and working with the Board/CEO/Senior Leadership Team/Business Owner/Individuals to help them achieve clarity about the change they desire and create and implement the plan to achieve it.


Founded in 1992 by Judy Whalen, the Center for Strategic Change:

~ Services organizations and individuals who desire to create strategic change in their business, organization or life

~ Challenges leaders to think and act strategically

~ Encourages organizations to become more innovative, effective and competitive

~ Helps clients gather the information they need to understand their marketplace

~ Guides clients through a strategic thinking process that urges them to think outside their comfort zone

~ Pushes clients to set their priorities and implement a realistic plan that can be monitored and measured

~ Assists clients with follow-through action and outcome measurement.


~ Private sector companies

~ Nonprofit organizations

~ Public sector entities such as municipalities and government agencies

~ Entrepreneurs and small business owners


~ Healthcare

~ Engineering

~ Economic development

~ Manufacturing

~ Education - K-12, higher education, virtual schools

~ Association management - state and national associations and foundations

~ Workforce development

~ Law enforcement

~ Information technology
The Center for Strategic Change specializes in guiding strategic change efforts by:

~ Facilitating strategic thinking sessions to clarify the change that is desired

~ Strategic planning

~ Market research - focus groups, surveys, interviews, market analysis, etc.

~ Board of Directors’ development - governance, training sessions

~ CEO Masterminding/Executive Coaching - one-on-one brainstorming/coaching with CEO

~ Senior leadership team coaching (Individual or team)


Nonprofit Mergers: Five successful mergers. Designed the process, facilitated a series of strategic thinking sessions for the boards, executives directors and merger team to explore the feasibility of a merger, coordinated the financial and legal due diligence, designed a series of information sessions to keep staff updated, coordinated the governance transition and facilitated a series of staff integration sessions after the mergers were approved.

Healthcare Growth Strategy: Guided a community health center from its inception through growth cycles resulting in an increase from one site to three and from startup to $7.5 million healthcare enterprise.

Economic Development: facilitated municipality through a process resulting in the development of an economic development plan. Included focus groups, online survey, Economic Development Summit, task forces and reports to the Economic Development Committee.

Grant Process Redesign: Facilitated statewide nonprofit organization through a process resulting in the redesign of their grant awarding process. Included focus groups, key stakeholder interviews, online surveys, and facilitated sessions.

Web Portal Strategy: Facilitated a global healthcare product/service company through a strategic thinking process resulting in the development of a corporate web portal strategy for its six worldwide business units.

Strategic Plan: Facilitated a process to help an international trade association understand the changing environment affecting its members and the association’s membership retention Included focus groups with chapters, survey of members, special interest group interviews, intercept interviews as trade show, key stakeholder interviews, development of the strategic plan and presentations to the Executive Committee and Board of Directors.


~ Building the High-Performance Team

~ Integrating Leadership Styles

~ Nurturing Your Relationship with ‘The Board‘

~ Strategic Planning - Making It Work for Your Organization

~ Strengthen the Harmony Between Your Life, Family, and Work

~ Volunteerism: The Backbone of American Society

~ Collaboration: Building Effective Collaborative Relationships
Background Info

Judy Whalen, a 30-year veteran of association management and board service, has served as executive director of state and national associations and foundations. Her experience includes organizational development and management, marketing, communications, public relations, and government relations. She has served nonprofits as an executive director, staff member, board member, volunteer, trainer, and consultant. Judy is a past-president of MABC, Inc.


Madison Area Business Consultants





UW-Whitewater, Bachelor of Science degree

Institute for Organization Management - certification for completion of the six-year program, sponsored by US Chamber of Commerce at Notre Dame University

Graduate credits - University of Wisconsin - Madison
Consulting Specialty 1
Organizational Development & Planning
Consulting Specialty 2
Strategic Planning
Consulting Specialty 3
Business Strategy
Consulting Specialty 4
Consulting Specialty 5
Management Consulting
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