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Nancy Depcik


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4853 Triple Crown Court
Unshakable Success
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(773) 718-2727
Nancy is a dynamic professional speaker who shares techniques on how to face life challenges, grow from them and become a better person because of them. The result is you will lead a happier, more productive life, both personally and professionally.

Because of her successful business background, Nancy also coaches individuals and groups to improve their communication and presentation skills.

Your ability to change your perspective will greatly affect your ability to change your life That’s what I do Through my genuine, unique and empowering presentations, I can help your audience discover their hidden strengths and find balance in their life, increasing productivity and happiness I help people see things differently to ultimately transform their life to Unshakable Success, the kind of success no one can ever take away from you, no matter what comes your way.

I will create a program that will be both meaningful and memorable to your audience People who hear me speak walk away with original techniques they can start using today to overcome adversity and find fulfillment in their life.


What if you could speak with confidence and deliver a message that is clear, concise and memorable? Well, working with the right coach can make all the difference. Whether you are speaking to a large group, communicating to your team, or sharing ideas with your peers at a meeting, I will share practical and concrete techniques to increase your communication skills, resulting in increased productivity.

Depending on your desired outcome, coaching can be done in groups or one-on-one. I can help with the transformation of reading from a script or bullet point to a confident, self-assured genuine person delivering a memorable message to your audience.


When individuals work together, they develop a deeper level of learning and understanding. I will help you custom design a half-day or full day workshop that will engage your audience and meet your specific needs. Our focus will be on how to implement effective techniques that will make a difference in your business and life fulfillment.

Many people talk about the whys of problems; I talk about the hows of solutions. I will give you the tools you need to reach Unshakable Success.
Background Info
Like all of us, I have faced many life challenges, and have found a way to reinvent myself each time. The techniques I learned not only helped me to survive, but to thrive. In my motivational programs, I share unique techniques you can start using today to overcome adversity and find happiness and fulfillment in your life. Even more, I help you find a strength inside yourself that you didn’t even know existed. My presentations and workshops are motivational, sprinkled with humor and a message that is unforgettable.

My business background cannot be ignored. I have developed advertising and marketing programs for major corporations such as Walgreens, PepsiCo, JCPenney, and many more. That led to owning several successful businesses of my own. I share these experiences through my business presentations, showing my audience how to get more sales, be a better communicator, and find success in your life.
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