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Mary Helen Conroy


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Mary Helen
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5323 Lighthouse Bay Drive
Life's a Daring Adventure Bestselling Author, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker
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Bestselling Author, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker
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(608) 239-7426
Life is a daring adventure, or it is nothing. So said Helen Keller and her words have been my mantra through the changes and reinventions of my own life.

I am a reinvention life coach specializing in midlife. Those midlife years, usually from 45-70 (yes 70 is the new 50), enable us to prepare for a later stage, sometimes called retirement, but always filled with change and opportunities.

Best selling author of the "Itty Bitty Amazing Retirement Book: Ready Set Go!" Retirement’ is becoming an outdated word. More than 8,000 boomers are retiring each day. However, retirement no longer means picking out that favorite rocking chair or even buying an RV to travel the country.

Retirement planning is personal.

Retirement planning is more than just looking at the money.

Life’s a Daring Adventure - I’m not done yet! looks at the way clients will create the days following the retirement party. Through a process called the Reinvention Portfolio clients develop their daring adventures to come.

Reinvention is about change. It’s about transition, it’s about another life phase. Clients strategize to set their goals and expectations. Through coaching individuals or partners, at workshops or speaking at retirement planning sessions, Life’s a Daring Adventure shares practical goal setting with dreams and expectations.

I’ve chosen to say, I’m Not Done Yet! My clients have as well.

visit: www.lifesadaringadventure today
Life’s a Daring Adventure - I’m Not Done Yet! Life Coaching

For individuals or partners (in person or virtually):

Through a series of in-depth one-to-one sessions created to stimulate thinking, focus goals and inspire thought you create your own Reinvention Portfolio.

You don’t have to struggle alone in planning your reinvention. Planning becomes fun, creative and focused as you work with me to look at this life transition called retirement. Through exercises and goal planning sessions, the future begins to unfold.

Sessions take place in a comfortable working space (or online) where you can discuss freely your hopes, dreams and fears about life ahead. Through targeted conversations and specifically designed exercises, you have the opportunity to work on what’s most important to you in designing your Reinvention Portfolio. Taking the reinvention portfolio to your financial planner will make the dreams a reality.

Reinvention Workshops/Speaking Engagements:

By attending a workshop or in a group setting these sessions highlight the latest thinking in the retirement and aging fields. An amazing and energetic presentation will stimulate and engage you and your fellow participants in a creative and dynamic process. Highlighted are the tools for visioning the future and setting goals to arrive at your designed reinvention.


Dip your toe in the water:

Book a no obligation, free introductory session to reinvention portfolio planning.
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A little about me:

Welcome! I’m Mary Helen, a daring adventurer, who would love to be your reinvention life coach sharing your journey through midlife.

My adventures have led me to meeting you today. Each of my decades has been filled with careers of purpose; librarianship, sales and teaching. I have loved and divorced, I have loved again. I have witnessed two sons grow to become incredible young men who still give me hugs. I have felt the pain of losing parents. I have left jobs. I have jumped when there were no safety nets. I’d love to hear the story of your life.

Each page in the chapters of my decades has challenged me to grow and learn. I have used tools to strategize and create a life that has allowed me to know ‘I am not done yet!’; Life’s STILL a daring adventure. I hope you’ll join me on my continuing journey, and that I can be an important part of yours.

University of Wisconsin-Madison. Doctoral ABD. Adult Education

Dominican University (formerly Rosary College). MA Library Science

Certified True Colors Facilitator

—Life’s A Daring Adventure, I’m not done yet! I know you’re not!

Let’s plan your reinvention together.
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