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Are you ready for Volume 2 of We Wish We Had Known?

May 11, 2023 9:03 AM | John Russell (Administrator)


We're doing it again! It's another opportunity to be an author!

One of our best opportunities to share the expertise of MABC has been our #1 Best Selling book. We Wish We Had Known was published in November 2021. We've sold 345 copies!

It's time to do it again!

As of August 2023, all members are eligible to write their best tip for our second volume. The first 30 members who sign on will be included in this volume. Whether you were in the first volume and have another idea, or if you're new to MABC, you are welcome to contribute. If you're thinking about joining MABC…wow! Please do it now!

Ready to commit? Please get in touch with Mary Helen at maryhelenconroy@gmail.com.

Action Dates:

  • August 1: All commitment Letters are due.
  • September: MABC meeting will talk about how to write up tips and tricks.
  • October 1: All three pages are due!
  • October 31: We press "publish."
  • November 9: Formal launch date for the MABC book!

Be an author! Share your expertise with the world through MABC!

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