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Template for Writing Your Chapter for Volume II - We Wish We Had Known

May 17, 2023 9:06 AM | John Russell (Administrator)

Writing for the book


Why is your tip important?

If you’ve not done so, read the 2021 edition of What We Wish We Had Known. Look at the author’s tip and how they created their idea. It’s a great way to give yourself a way to address your tip for the 2023 edition.

Pretend you’re sitting with a colleague, and they ask you why you think your tip idea is important to being a consultant.

  1. Is there a short story (case study) when you discovered this tip?
  • 2.     Talk about the pain point(s) of how you solved a client’s problem with your tip.
  1. What did your tip do for your client? – save them money, inspire them, give them a new perspective?

How to start: Write your thoughts about your tip down. Use a personal casual tone. You want to engage your reader to learn more about what you’ve learned.

Use short sentences. Make short paragraphs. Most folks are skim readers and so make it easy for the reader to learn from you. This is more a book of quick ideas rather than a textbook. Notice what this page looks like. Easy to follow, easy to read, easy to learn about the tip.

Each page will have UP TO 250 words. Check “Review”-Word count to check your length. Use Arial 12pt for your document.

Action Steps and Resources

What are some quick ideas that the reader could put into action regarding your tip?

You can do two or three different expanded action tips from your tip always followed by bullet points.

  • ·       The point is it’s harder to read sentences that are not preceded by a bullet point. This book is all about ease of reading.

Do you have a resource or two that you feel really would help the reader further use your tip?

If you use a website, please put the whole address in. Remember folks will be reading the book. We’ll also have an e-book where they can link to your resource.

  • Your Next Action

You’ve written your two pages. Let them sit overnight. Give it to your family or share with one of the MABC members. Get their feedback. Revise. Let it sit.

When completed, please email to Mary Helen at maryhelenconroy@gmail.com

Congrats! You’re an author!!!

About YOU

This section is all about you. Our book will be a directory of MABC members sharing our expertise. We want readers to say, “Wow! I have to contact this person”.

Short Bio

What would your elevator pitch be to a new client? What are your superpowers as a consultant? What are your credentials? Think of how someone might introduce you to a group, what would they say?

Short Business Description

What makes your business unique? What do you provide for clients? How long have you been in business? Do you have a short testimonial you’d like to include?

  • Contact Info
  • How would you like folks to reach out to you? Web address/LinkedIn address/email/phone?
  • Head Shot Picture/LOGO
  • Send with your text a picture you’d like included. Please save your image at 300 DPI (dots per inch) or higher.

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