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MABC Member Profile - Jamie Perez - Owner - Beyond Words Productions

June 04, 2024 8:42 AM | John Russell (Administrator)

MABC Member Profile - Jamie Perez - Owner - Beyond Words Productions

My name is Jamie and I'm the owner of Beyond Words Productions. I'm a videographer and storyteller at heart. My business focuses on sharing heartfelt and emotive stories for businesses, organizations and nonprofits through video.

I was a TV news reporter for 6 years before leaving that industry and starting my own business. I loved the news world but found my true passion was in heartfelt and emotive storytelling, which I didn't get to do often enough working in news. I left my TV job in September of 2021 and started my business November of that year. Now, I get to tell impactful and compassionate stories for businesses full time.

The Story Behind Beyond Words

My name is Jamie, and I'm a videographer and storyteller at heart. 

My past life as a broadcast TV news reporter brought me here: owning my own business... rather unexpectedly, I might add. 

After growing up in California, my TV news job took me across the country to Iowa, where I was an anchor, reporter, and producer for an ABC affiliate. After two years there, I moved to Wisconsin, where I worked as an MMJ -- multimedia journalist. That basically means I did everything on my own from start to finish every day.

· Finding the story.

· Setting up the interviews.

· Filming all the footage.

· Editing the story together.

· Presenting that story on camera.

· Writing up the online article to accompany it.

· And doing it all over again the next day. 

After almost six years doing that, I eventually left the career I thought I would be in forever. I wanted to focus on sharing heartfelt, emotive, impactful stories full-time. 

I started my own LLC so that I could be my own boss and tell the stories my heart and the community were longing for. Now, instead of running around covering today's top headlines, I get to use my skills to help people, share their stories, and create paths of empathy where there may not otherwise be any. 

One of my coworkers once told me, "It takes an emotional person to be able to tell someone else's story and do it well." 

I love this line. When I was younger, I might have taken offense to someone calling me emotional, but now I embrace that word. It allows me to feel my interviewee's story as if I'm going through it with them. It helps me tell their story as if I lived it too. My EMOTIONS make my videos EMOTIVE. 

And I love making others feel what I feel when I'm telling someone's story. I believe our world could use a bit more empathy for one another. Sharing stories about our experiences, our personal triumphs, and traumas is the only way to let each other in. 

Lastly, just have to add some room in here to explain the business name: BEYOND WORDS. 

My mom came up with it. When I was trying to think of a business name, I asked for her help. Knowing I focus on emotional stories, she said, "If a picture says a thousand words, your videos will leave people beyond words."

Special Skills

  • Digital Media
  • Video Production
  • Audio Production
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Content Creation

Awards and Certifications

2023 Winner - Better Business Bureau Spark Award

2022 Athena Young Professional Award Nominee - The Business Forum

2025 City of Madison Small Business Certified

2025 City of Madison Woman Owned Certified

2025 City of Madison Minority Owned Certified

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